Additional information about our fee charging

This Firm offers a bespoke range of legal services.

In our experience no two transactions are ever identical and therefore it is not our policy to quote fixed fees until we have had the opportunity to discuss the precise details of the transaction with the prospective client.

The following information is offered to promote price transparency.

Residential Conveyancing

Purchase :- We would not expect to charge less than £750 plus VAT and Register of Scotland charges for any residential purchase transaction. Any purchase attracting payment of LBTT and/or ADS will attract a fee in the region of 0.75% of the price paid. Special quotations will be offered for prices in excess of £500,000.00.

Any transaction involving the Scottish Government Help to Buy, or similar scheme, will, because of the volume of additional process involved, attract a supplementary charge of £900 plus VAT.

Sale :- We would not expect to charge less than 1% of the sale price, subject to a minimum fee of £750 plus VAT and conveyancing outlays such as Legal Report (£80 inc VAT), Local Authority Search (£80 inc VAT), Plans Report (£110 inc VAT) and Registers of Scotland fee (£70 inc VAT). Sales over £300,000.00 will attract a special fee quotation.

Estate Agency services will attract a commission not less than 1% of the sale price.

Commercial Conveyancing transactions will always require a detailed discussion before any quotations are given.


As clients will appreciate, the preparations of a Will involves a very personal process as each client will have his or her own individual requirements.

We do not offer a fixed fee for our service, but typically our charges will range from £120 plus VAT to £300 plus VAT.

Should the process involve Inheritance Tax or Trust Planning then a special quotation will be required.

Executry Administration

We recognise that very few Executors have clear knowledge of the extent, value, character and nature of the assets they are expected to take charge of at the commencement of the administration of any Executry.

For this reason, we offer to carry out the Executry service on a time charge basis, with our file being assessed by an Independent Law Accountant to ensure that the fee to be rendered is fair, reasonable and justified in all circumstances.

We will never draw a fee until the Executor has approved it.

As we are obliged to provide information on our range of fees, even though every Executry is different, we would not expect to charge less than £2,000 plus VAT in any one case.


When it is not possible to offer a set fee following consultation, or in Executry and other cases where time charge is made, our hourly rates are as follows :

Qualified Senior Solicitor/Director    £240.00 plus VAT
Qualified Solicitor/Director   £240.00 plus VAT
Supervised Trainee Solicitor   £240.00 plus VAT
Supervised Paralega   £240.00 plus VAT


Civil Court Work (including Tribunal cases)

We do not offer civil court services to any non-existing clients.

Criminal Court Work

We do not offer criminal court services to any non-existing clients.


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